Just another 20 year old college student trying to decide if they want to major in zoology or food.

It all started with the cake:


I first started cooking, truly, about 2 years ago when my dad’s restaurant opened. Before that, it was ramen, chef boyardee and macaroni&cheese paired with dark chocolate

m&ms. I’ve always loved constructing things, working with the senses, art, learning and eating. I just never thought these wonderful rivulets of aspiration would come together in the flick of the wrist, the descent of the blade. (accompanied by marathons of alton brown via youtube and pouring over cookbooks)

If you, like me, have a fascination with food and don’t know where to start, don’t give up! I went from evaporating water, overstarchy noodles and using sprinkles to make eyebrows to making some really good homemade concoctions–so anyone, with practice and tools, can make a roux, boil noodles to al dante and artfully whip up a poignant chocolate ganache — at the very least, that is. So, here I am, mapping my way through basics and edging into the unknown. Anywho, enjoy, cheers y buenas suertas. bon appetit.


2 thoughts on “About”

  1. Very very sweet lol I looks great unbelievable. I knew you are awesome just didn’t know how awesome.

  2. lifewith4cats said:

    I’m such a dummy! I had wondered why I never got any updates about the bread experiment and thought, “why isnt she posting?”

    Well I only just now figured out that I wasnt suscribed thats why! I was only suscribed to comments on a post.

    So, after Google searching cherry bomb cupcakes (because wordpress search stinks)I finaly found you again!
    NOW, Ive got it right.

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