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Quite frankly, I have so much on my mind that I want to talk about that I don’t know what to write about… if that makes any sense.

To begin with, Shaun (we live together), got a cat from a friend. Well, a kitten actually. She’s 3 months old and is an orange and black tortie. Real cute (aren’t they all at this age though…) I have about 300 photos of her and almost of them are blurs or her looking away at the last moment. ~.~

She was being a little… difficult to work with there… Not flattering you say? You want to see another one? Alright…

There, see… she’s pretty cute.

In fact… super cute >.<!

So that little beasty has been taken up most of my time and socializing; but on other affairs of every day life I watched the movie “the runaways” and finished the last book of the chronicles of narnia. For those who haven’t heard of the movie I mentioned; it’s supposed to portray Joan Jett starting the first all girl teenage rock band… What the hell right; being 15, 16 touring in japan? (living the life of sex drugs rock and roll nonetheless) The movie left me thinking more about what I’ve been wondering lately…

What makes people “special” (ie admired, sought out, coveted, loved, interesting)?

I don’t know, I think it may be a mix of things. The more I tried to unravel my thoughts on this (atleast tonight) the more lost I seem to get in the answers. However… I do think that anyone has the capacity to be special, they just have to go on being them. And I don’t think it’s all just about having “the look”. Atleast, I should hope. This gets me on the subject of niches, everywhere I look everyone seems to have one. (except myself) I go to another food blog. There’s always those little tag lines, something witty or relative scrawled there so you can remember what they’re about. If I were to have one of these so called taglines what could it be?

(Perhaps it would read like a newspaper article) Indecisive 21 Year Old Blogs Instead Of Attending College.

I wanted to be a zoologist but I baked a cake instead.

Cupcakes; they’re what’s for dinner.

Baking through an awkward stage of life? (or in…who knows how people would take that first one, ha) (and you better believe it is awkward) (yes, with the question mark)

What about something wild like… I’m your ch-ch-ch-ch-ch CHERRY BOMB

Well, now that I got all those ramblings out of my system, on to somethings I find very special. Why are they so special? Because, m’dear these were the first things that inspired me to continue baking. (in fact one of the first things I put on this blog…) And.. I wouldn’t be surprised if they were the first real, from scratch, recipe and all, cupcakes I made. O_o’ (I was 18 by the way…) I remember still being shocked by how delicious homemade cupcakes could be, and that I could make delicious things. However, I made some adaptations to the original recipe to suit my current needs: the wonderful, soft taste of coconut. I have a collection of coconut cake recipes, calling for all sorts of coconut byproducts, some all mixed together in the same recipe yielding  dense, heady piece of decadence. I don’t have anything against a real, royal piece of coconut cake, but I wanted something fun and light, simply delicious and not too sweet. Buttery, with an undertone of coconut. This is what I was going for.

Coconut Cupcakes;

Adapted from recipe originally found on Jumbo empanadas

1½ sticks unsalted butter

1 1/4cups sugar

1/2 cup brown sugar

2 large eggs

1 tbs vanilla bean paste (or 1 tbs vanilla extract)

½ teaspoon salt

2½ teaspoons baking powder

2½ cups cake flour

1 cup coconut milk

1/4 cup milk

Preheat oven to 350 degrees. Adjust oven rack to middle position. Grease cupcake pan (I used coconut oil, quite yummy) or use cupcake liners.

Combine flour, salt, baking powder in bowl, whisk together.

Cream together butter and sugar in seperate bowl. Beat in eggs one at a time. Beat in vanilla. Add flour in 3 batches, alternating with milk. Beat for 30 seconds; it should look shiny and satiny.

Scoop batter in cupcake pan (3/4 of the way up each) and bake until toothpick comes out clean. (18-20 minutes)

I wasn’t in the mood for frosting (gasp, not in the mood for frosting?!)… yes it happens. What I really wanted… was some jam. Homemade jam. And I slathered it all over and topped it with dried coconut (yes dried, not sweetened).. and it was delicious. (these cupcakes are getting more blasphemous as the post goes on hm?) In fact I have the perfect raspberry jam recipe. The tartness balances the sweetness of the cupcakes. I wish I had more…