Oh man. It feels like there were forces at work against me blogging… Alas I have finally beaten them down! And I’m back *dusts off pants* Okay soo… some of these “forces” were pretty shitty, but quite a bit of it was good, great, fabulous, life changing in fact! Wow! I was only planning on skipping a few days, but that turned into 2 MONTHS. O_O! Some of the bad being; feeling absolutely awful for 2 weeks, being drained of all energy for the next two weeks from work being insanity and stress and blargh! Doing dishes until 4 a.m…. yes, yes, that sums it all up.

Anywho, that aside… I got another way better job! Yeah! No more rolling burritoes, huzzah! (no more dishes for that matter either) I would actually call it a promotion… It really is worlds apart from that place. Ok so what is it? A bakery! A very large, well equipped one at that. (I can’t say where unfortunately) How is this place so much more wonderful than that other dismal job? (I will try to summarize the tirade of positivity here, bare with me) Where to begin…. Well the hours of course! 4pm-11:45?! That’s heavenly compared to 3 a.m… Everything is so much more inspiring; the people, the work, the clothes… I’m back to wearing a white coat and checkered pants. (never thought I would be so happy to wear those again!) The people I work with are so talented, they are brimming with knowledge of things… and we have similar interests. Two of them are teaching me garde manger; carving flowers and other designs into fruits and vegetables. Another one who cannot hear is teaching me sign language! Even the new people they are hiring in are so interesting (one is a vegan and he plays the violin; how cool is that) Not to mention, everyone does there work… I don’t find myself picking up others slack, and I don’t have someone breathing down my neck either. It’s great, people respect eachother; and there is a really cool first cook on our shift. I have learned a lot of new, useful things and techniques for the kitchen; different ways to prepare breads, rolling danish snails, making fillings, the list goes on. First thing when I walked through the swinging doors I was gifted with 2 cut gloves, a bench scraper, a pastry tip and a pastry brush, all new and in pristine condition, and told they were to be mine (generally unheard of…) Such good luck, it hasn’t really even set in. Gasp, someone liking there job?! Blasphemy! *dreamy sigh*

Most importantly and most relevant, I’m inspired to make things and improve upon my culinary abilities. I’m not drained and washed out feeling when I get home every night now, I’m bustling with ideas and notions of possible future experimentations.

Back to the bloggy blog – I was so tied up that I didn’t get to properly celebrate this blogs 2ND YEAR of existence; wow! But that’s okay because I think this is a more proper time for such an occasion and I believe it will end on a cheerier note. Two years ago… I was 19, working at my dad’s (italian) restaurant; learning how to spin pizzas like the master, pouring over my dad’s old culinary school books, discovering my interest in all things edible, (most atleast 0.o) leaning over big steaming pots of spaghetti…(my first feat, not breaking the noodles before submersing them in the boiling water)

Me! 2 years ago, when I started it all

Many fallen cakes, failed whimsical experiments, mangled handmixers and several pots with holes scorched in the bottom later and here I am… Now 21, living in Orlando (two hours from the hometown) working fulltime at a bakery, now having knowledge enough to understand how things are made usually by looking at them. Did I mention I now have a kitchen aid hand mixer? Whaaat, this baby can whip egg whites like none other. (hand mixer that is) It’s a beautiful thing to see… (end dorkiness) Well there are other things I have improved upon as well that I surely wish to share, but you will just have to read about them in the future I suppose, when my ego is hungry. (right now it is positively stuffed) In my next post I will confront what I care to accomplish this year; belated new years resolution(s) of a sort.