So, like I said in my last post, my blog was brought into existence two whole years ago! This blog has changed so much over time. I went from using a laptop cam (what a newb I was), to a phone, a point and shoot to a much better quality PAS!

Yes… I made that cake(wreck).

2 years later… Well… Atleast it doesn’t have eyes.

I feel that now is the time to start penning out some culinary (or not so culinary) goals for this year…

By the end of this year;

I want to blog more consistently, and more like myself… (it’s difficult having other people reading your personal thoughts, no?)

I want to successfully make:

macarons (I’ve never even tried one!)

creme anglaise (sounds divine…)

italian meringue buttercream (my nemesis)

divinity (the stuff in a 3 musketeer bar?)

chocolate nougat and other assorted chocolates

chocolate curls and zebra sticks

sesame seed candy

a coconut cake that a kindly old lady would unrelentingly beat someone up for

a carrot cake tasting so heavenly I will dream about it months later

a proper (even layered) wedding cake (hopefully)

properly layered and iced cakes



something flavored with matcha

crispy cheesy jalepeno fries

the best damn grilled cheese sandwich that ever existed or will exist

english muffins

Hmm.. Well that’s all I can think of off the top of my head, but rest assured this list will be continuously updated. Until then!