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Tortillas are one of those things, like chips that I never gave a second thought about making. They’re cheap from what I remember, (a few bucks for a couple dozen?) and they’ve always just been there. I’ve never heard anyone suggest making them, until I stumbled across some pictures on foodgawker and read some recipes that sounded refreshingly simple and romantic (what with the use of a wood-burning stove and the dawn of an early morning — neither of which I have the pleasure of experiencing) But oh well I have my electric stove, a cast iron pan and it’s 3 a.m. so let’s go.

Tortilla recipe


Notes: I did section them off into twelve but later started combining dough to make bigger tortillas; I think I didn’t roll them thin enough, or my pan was too hot so it was crisping them too fast without cooking the middle…

My thoughts on these… They were definately interesting to make, almost therapeutic actually. The dough was really velvety and it was nice to work with, it came together very easy. I was surprised by how much they taste like the tortillas in the store, for some reason I thought they would taste different. The texture is better than those ones though, and they taste awesome made into a chicken wrap. The biggest upsides to these are making them is practically free in comparison (the ingredients are flour, 5 tbs shortening/lard, salt and water), they’re fresh and you put what ingredients you want in them. I will definately make these again, I don’t know if I will be buying tortillas anymore even.. That’s how simple they were to make. Pretty much 10-15 minutes of work, about 30 minutes of wait time.

Next time I think I will try making a spinach and/or whole grain tortilla… Mmm.

This is how my flour mixture looked after coating with all the shortening.

After adding [all of] the salt water and hand stirring

After kneading for a few minutes until smooth

Divided into 12 (a bench scraper really comes in handy)

After resting for 30 minutes, taking the dough and pressing it flat

After rolling out

Cooking in the pan for 45 seconds

Other side (it’s hard taking pictures in the midst of things…)

Done! …sort of. : P



A half balsamic vinaigrette half caesar chicken wrap.

I assure you, it was the best chicken wrap I’ve had.