It’s an odd thing to hear about a friend of yours liking you back in highschool… Well I suppose it itself is not so odd, but the thoughts that follow are peculiar to consciously think about. What if this, what if that, how different would things be now? It makes me think of the ripple effect; each choice rippling to affect other choices in the future. What kind of person would I be? After thinking about it, the person I am now is worlds different than that one, maybe not at the core but certainly at the shoreline of being.

Speaking of old friends, apples are back in season as well as one of my favorite months: October. I love the weather here… it’s cool enough to not need to run the AC but not cold enough to freeze my thin Floridian blood (which happens generally when things fall below 70) There’s a lovely breeze; the only things missing are the leaves turning all shades of red and gold (maybe I’m romanticizing here, that does happen, right?) I adore the fall pastries, the aroma of their spices permeating every nook and cranny of the house. It’s almost acceptable to crave hot chocolate during the day while wearing a scarf (mmm, that one may have to wait until January) Anywho, you get the point, it’s nice out—sideee. It makes me want to bake with apples…  Apple chips to start with. Which are in my oven right now as I type this up. I wanted to make these because my roommate is notorious for nomming down on these things, and whenever he sees a bag at the grocery store he does a fanboy squeal and grabs one, so why not just make them? (that seems to be my motto this past year)

The recipes I found online called for boiling in a simple syrup and putting some other spices on them but I wasn’t too keen on making them any sweeter than they already are naturally so I opted to just bake them plain. These are shockingly simple to make; slice and bake. No lie, that’s it. If you have a mandolin it will be much easier on you, you can slice them to your own preference; mine were relatively thin as you can see from the pictures down there. I greased my pan with some coconut oil so they wouldn’t stick, which seemed to work fairly well… only one stuck on there. I baked them at 220 degrees for I think about 45 minutes, maybe a tad longer. If they aren’t very chiplike and they’ve started to brown they should still be done. I was skeptical pulling my gummy pieces out, but letting them cool in the pan for ten minutes makes them exactly like chips. I was shocked at how delicious they are…