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Things I’ve been obsessing over lately…

Asian foodstuffs (particularly boba tea and onigiri)

Bento style lunch

Pumpkin(yeeeah you probably figured that out already)

My new gadgets (canon powershot and my mini tripod)

Homemade candy

So I did some pretty cool things this weekend… I went to an oriental grocery store and saw all sorts of out of the American-ordinary things, aka awesomeness! They packaged chicken feet like publix does chicken breast. They also, had a whole, very long aisle dedicated to soy sauce (and not one of them was kikkoman) The stack of ginger in the produce area was huge, pretty much the size of the apple section at our grocery store, where there ginger section is puny and withered in comparison. My roommate is a big fan of kim chee, and he picked up a commercial jar of it. I did try it, but this one tasted mostly of vinegar so I was a little disappointed. I’m pretty excited, I got most of the vinegars and wines that a lot of asian recipes seem to call for. I also got some sushi rice so I could make onigiri (rice balls), these!

These are a pretty simple snack/meal, the hardest thing to do is to get the rice right. The rice is a bit tedious and time consuming, especially if you don’t have a rice cooker. I’ve tried making rice a lot of ways and so far, it only turns out well if you follow all of those time consuming steps.

Here is a walk through of making sushi rice and even forming onigiri!

For making sushi rice

For forming onigiri

In the onigiri I made I used a nontraditional filling of chicken and a little hot sauce and spice. I wrapped it in the nori as it is typically seen, I realized later that the nori is so you can hold it, or set it down I assume… The rice is so sticky you can’t touch it to anything but the plastic wrap at all without it clinging desperately to everything. On the outside I spiced it and sprinkled some salt. It was delicious!

Next I shall conquer boba tea!