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In my previous post I talked about how I made some pumpkin puree…. With that pumpkin, I made….*drumroll* pumpkin butter! *applause* *applause dies down* *gets hit with a tomato* Wait what, pumpkin butter… not pumpkin pie?! >.><.< Welllll it actually is extremely tasty…and it calls for BREAD, and WHO doesn’t love BREAD?!  The bread that came to mind for me was the brown, sweet kind they serve you at places like outback or cheesecake factory. I thought it would be pumpernickel, but it’s actually called honeybush. The recipe I found was for a bread machine, which I just so happened to have bought one about a year ago and it has sat collecting dust on my counter for the entirety of its stay…  *Bread recipe

I only use the bread machine recipes on the dough settings anyways, so it does all the work, but I can reshape them and bake them in my oven. There’s just something unappealing about those poorly shaped square-ish looking loaves that come out of those things.

The pumpkin butter is definately interesting, I used this  pumpkin butter recipe. I had it once at william sonoma, and it was pretty delicious, there’s though has pecan in it too so it has an additional nutty flavor. This stuff is pretty good too, although I feel like it needs more complexity. I think next time I would add some ground up toasted pecans… Oooh. I will certainly have to tell you guys how that works out. It’s also pretty sweet, so I like to sprinkle a little fleur de sel or gray sea salt on top — Wowow, gray sea salt is so good. I generally keep a sea salt shaker on my coffee table (that’s how much I use it) — but this stuff, is another level of good, it transports me to the ocean in my mind. I’ve been reading about different salts for a while now, and my automatic thought was ah, those french harping about their butter again and their macarons and their ritzy salt… Haha, well they’re right, because this stuff is the beezkneez. Anywho, if you haven’t tried pumpkin butter before I strongly urge you to atleast try it, be it homemade or store bought. Next I shall have to make this pumpkin cheesecake with my homemade puree.

On another note, if you notice that some of my pictures are of different qualities — it’s because my camera lens on my pos-I mean- pas, is all out of whack. It doesn’t open and shut properly, and now it only focuses if I keep it at a setting of 4x zoom, haha. It’s kinda crazy one half of the picture will be right on crisp and the other a smear. Well, atleast it gives picture a…unique… look to them. … *shakes head* Well, I guess I’ll have to retire this one… I was just starting to like it too. I have some money saved, so I was thinking of going to a dslr camera (*googles what that stands for*) instead of another point and shoot. I stayed up late last night furiously reading reviews about the canon rebel xti and canon rebel xsi (both of which seem common cameras amongst food bloggers) and researching the differences in these cameras… So from what I understand is that lenses are what make a picture, camera bodies go out of date fairly quickly. Haha, umm… yeah. That’s pretty much what I gathered. XD My mind was pretty much reeling from all the info… Well, if anyone has any advice *flails arms* it would be greatly appreciated.