This is how I made pumpkin puree from *gasp* a real live pumpkin… I’m not gonna lie, it was pretty much a pain in the ass. Maybe if I had a better food processor (it came interchangeable with a blender! two for one, right. right? “……” >.> <.<) or maybe if I had cooked it longer.. Oh well. It’s pretty basic, but I made a visual tutorial for people like me who work like that. So, first… you scour the grocery store for the coveted pie pumpkin or sugar pumpkin, not those big ass jack o lantern pumpkins, apparently thats a different species meant for other things, or so I’ve been told. (I had to go to two grocery stores actually, the one store whose pumpkins I had been eyeballing all week apparently had been wiped out…so I ended up with an organic one) Ok so, you’ve got your victim in your clutches. You need to get the stem out, which I did by just slicing around it in a little pentagon shape thing and then wedging it out. Oh be careful not to touch the stem that’s cut, I did and the little bugger gave me splinters.

So first thing, preheat your oven: 350 degrees.

Okay, after you get that chunk of pumpkin top out….you struggle with the pumpkin beast (and save the princess)…and cut it in half

Ewww pumpkin guts… Ok, so those have to go. So get a spoon or whatever tool of choice and have at it. Extreme scoopage!

Then cut them in half again

And again…

And agai– just kidding. *recieves angry stares* Put them on a pan.

Then roast them for 45 mins or until they’re very tender…in your preheated 350 degree oven (you did that right?) This is how mine looked, which probably could’ve used a few more minutes.

And THEN you peel the skins off… mine didn’t come off so easy so I used a serrated knife.

And Then *huff huff* you have to blend them, whichever way you please (roommate: “that’s what she said!”¬† *cricket chirp*)… Okay, so I used to food processors >.>… And I ended up with pumpkin all over most of my kitchen. Gah, anyways I have to run off to work now… I’ll be posting what I did with this pumpkin puree tomorrow or tonight hopefully! toodles.