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dear camera,

why do you malfunction? I’ve treated you so well….Never have I unintentionally banged you into walls, sat on or tripped over you like the rest of my eletronics…I even left the protective sticker on your back so you wouldn’t get any scratches on your screen. ): I would greatly appreciate it if you would stop that and come to your senses, camera.


your sadfaced owner

Night before the incident:

Wewt, I rarely take pictures of dinner, but this one was too secksi to pass by unnoticed…

Teriyaki chicken! Recipe/inspiration courtesy of everyonelikessandwiches (so very true) — Mmm… this sauce was good with the chicken, great with wok stir fried broccoli (my favorite way to have broccoli now…what was I doing before, steaming broccoli? it’s really as easy as putting the broccoli in the pan with some soy/sauce and just swishing it about for several minutes)

I also made some *excellent* steamed white rice, following the instructions from here. It was  O: worthy; perfectly fluffy volumous little grains… I could (probably) love this more than noodles… Now, if only I could do this with brown rice. O_o However…. I did not like the sauce with the rice, it was just too much. I think I added too much lime (it said juice of 2 limes, but I didn’t know what kind)

Also, going down my weekend to do list… granola bars!

The inspiration is from here and here though I didn’t particularly measure those ingredients out or use some of them. The first recipe is far too sweet for me, so I would suggest toning down on some of the honey/sugar in the recipe. I will post my recipe at a later date, I just have to test a few tweaks first. I also layered these with my current obsession nutella (and froze them O.o — they’re good actually). :>

I also made some steel cut oatmeal, which is, delicious… but not very beautiful. Here’s my recipe anyways:

Generally with steel cut oats I do a 3:1 liquid to oat ratio. (I use 1 cup milk/hemp milk to 2 cup water)

Put the liquid in a heavy pot (I use ceramic, just make sure it is roomy so it doesn’t boil over like mine)

Bring to a boil

Add oats

Cover and bring down to Low, or whatever your oven considers to be a low simmer (mine is 2)

Cook for about 20 minutes, stirring lightly occasionally.

When it’s thick, soft and has absorbed most of the liquid turn it off and let it sit.

I usually add a small handful of brown sugar, a splash of vanilla extract, sprinkle of cinnamon, a generous amount of chia seeds, some honey… and whatever else feels right.

Mmmm. So that’s my weekend so far… about half way through my list of things.

Until next time…. to be continued