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+ this (and a few other ingredients) = amazing

What…how could I have not experienced this thing so modestly named “nutella”? Nutella, plain old nutella… The name alone, I have heard many times many places, but it doesn’t do any justice to what this really is. A name like…well… Squee* (sqwhee) would be more fitting. I have no words to desribe this otherworldly chocolatey choncoction(haha choncoction…oops), just a face…one that I didn’t know existed until I tried this. The fact that I have no pictures should be evidence enough that this was *squee*, so much so that I slipped into a place where time and reality (and blogs) had no significant meaning…  but if you need more hard evidence, this should do it. The recipe is on there too, fancy that… So, now you have no excuses to not make it. (If you do, tell me how it goes)

Anyways, on to other matters… Ah… nutella. *ahem* I mean danishes. Yes. So I made a danish pastry dough for the first time. The recipe that I used is frighteningly similar to puff pastry, just less turns, folds and rolls. I didn’t get a chance to take pictures of the dough making portion but I did get to do the folding portion.. (though I don’t know if you would want to follow my guidance unless you care for the danish platypus hugs)

Roll out your dough

I cut off the excess dough, and then cut squares

I had to use the scraper because I’m a nOOb and let my dough get stuck

So now the filling is added… technically only supposed to be a spoonful, but I added more

And then folds

After they are folded they need to proof for a bit (I didn’t get a picture yet of them proofed), and then I added an egg wash to make them look shinier. They cook at 375 for…. until they’re done. For me it was like 30 minutes. For you it could be….15-20+

note (to self) for future reference: no matter how shiny and promising it looks to stick your finger in the piping hot chocolate (nutteeeellllaaaaaaa ) one…just… walk away…

And that folks, is how you make danish platypus hugs. I like a lot of cheese, okay. If you want to be more conservative with the cheese then they may look more like an inanimate object of some sort… a classy letter like this perhaps (and do remember to proof them, that would certainly help) The recipe is here for the dough and the cheese filling. If you want to do a simple fruit jam filling — you can easily make one;

225 g (2 cups) frozen raspberrys

50 g (1/4 cup) cane sugar

few drops of lemon juice

cook the sugar/berries together, put on a low boil for a few minutes, and then keep it on simmer; add the lemon juice. I usually let it simmer for a while (30 mins, possibly longer) stirring occasionally until it thickens. I let it cool out on the counter and then put it in the fridge overnight and use it the next day (it’s generally better because the flavors have mingled and the tartness is usually softer) After trying this though… you may not be able to go back to smuckers.