What! Penzeys! I love penzeys, as most seem to… however I do not love where they decided to put penzey’s here in orlando, FL…in an area I always try to avoid at all costs…where most of the streets only go one way and there’s only *shudder* p a r r a l e l  p a r k i n g down an obnoxiously busy street. I was raised in florida I don’t know how to parallel park! (/shame)…well, didn’t.. I suppose. Ha. I had been driving for an hour (even though google maps claimed 25 minutes, ha)  there was no way I was going to go back home before I got my holy grail of orange and lemon extract! (not that the thought didn’t cross my mind…) Anyways, reluctantly I dismissed the thought of parking in someone elses driveway and walking the mile to get there… and I just diiiddd itttt… after getting lost in a maze of one way streets of course. So, I’d say not bad after a mere two tries I wedged my nissan altima between two other snazzy vehicular objects, with only about…oh say…. three car lengths of empty space on each side. x)

ANYWAYS. I think penzeys is the cat’s pajamas, it’s all homey and old school looking. Everything looks like it’s loved. If any of you people out there have one of these guys remotely near you– go!!! you won’t regret it. Hopefully. If not then well… you must have no soul (that’s some serious stuff coming from a half-ginger)

They have vanilla beans in this section dedicated all to baking goods… I want to try them so much.

So I know I talked a lot of smack about this location, but it is a pretty neat place to go and walk around. There’s interesting off the wall stores, boutiques and the like. And a bit of scenery and green artistry. And fish! c3 c3

Well… I must be off now, I can see that my roommate is playing streets of rage 2 and is suffering from extreme pwnage, so I feel I must save him from the guy with the jet pack and one of his brown minions. (thoughtfully named jet and brown)