I really like making bread… recently I’ve gotten into it, and I’m working my way through the bread baker’s apprentice. I decided to start with the Portuguese sweet bread, supposedly aka the Hawaiian sweet bread. It was good… mildly sweet and soft. It was a little dry though, I don’t exactly know why. It could be because I didn’t use all the water (next time I will) or I possibly could have overmixed it (though it never reached windowpane stage) Or it could be because I’m using a high-gluten flour (more for pizza dough) instead of a bread dough, so I might have to add oil while mixing next time. The recipe, and here you can order the book online (half.com wewt) –it is an informative book I’d definately recommend for any aspiring baker.

Regardless, it made some badass french toast that I really didn’t get a chance to photograph (use your imagination people, it’s good for you)

On a side note, pita pizzas are where IT is at.