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I wish I had tales to tell of trekking across the world, but alas… that has not where I’ve been (yet). I’ve been right here, in the heart of orlando this whole time


And these!

And this person that wears my socks!

things I have accomplished while I was out:

celebrated my 21st birthday with fat tuesdays

drunkenly purchased $15 nachos at margaritaville and fell asleep before consuming them

swore off fat tuesdays

went out to fat tuesdays the next week

started my own business in hopes of never being referred to as a “burristo” (one who rolls burritos) again

broke the refrigerator shelving storing a mere 70 lbs of butter on them

moved to the condo across from me

hauled an oldschool industrial mixer up a flight of wooden stairs ( : P well actually my roommate did… with one of our friends– who compared it to the weight of two camels)

watched 3 seasons of the office, now aspiring to be an office receptionist

Finally understood “what is updog”

watched every episode of avatar: the last airbender, changed aspirations to water bendi–I mean, marine biology

learned important things to say to people in arabic, like, Sharmoota.

signed up for fall classes

pondered life

dropped fall classes

decided what I really want to do is travel the world, eat lots of food, take pictures, learn cultures, languages, recipes, meet strange intelligent people and write about it.

either that, or become a zen master. (whichever comes first I suppose)

things I’m in love with:

sea salt in cookies

world peace cookies

unsweetened toasted coconut

coconut oil ground almond animal cookies


homemade dark chocolate mounds bars    *.*

avacado in cake

turbinado as a finishing sugar

mini bread pans


cute packaging (if anyone knows of any online stores or stores in florida do tell!)