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IMG_5934Whew, I did it — and while it doesn’t look perfect, it made it to the table in only a few pieces. : P

It was exhausting and frustrating, but what worthwhile project isn’t at some point? Anyways, I brought quite a bit of useful info as well as some confirmed common sense back from the table – likeee…

– don’t procrastinate on wedding cakes

– don’t buy similar looking containers of baking powder and cornstarch (and forget)

– don’t put off ordering extra ingredients, if they’re vital

– don’t attempt a huge project in a short time if you don’t have monopoly of most of the kitchen appliances

– fondant can taste good

– fondant can be a pain in the ass, and if on a time crunch should be practiced with ahead of time

– don’t get discouraged. surprisingly, many things can be fixed… (excluding pudding cake)

and most importantly

– don’t forget to take your paycheck out of your pocket before doing laundry