Hah, I swear I’m not stupid, but I always thought animal crackers and cookies were the same thing, even when I started making them today and thought it was rather odd that I never noticed animal cookies tasting like oats (as the recipe called for…) and then continued to think it was really odd that they looked so chunky and even odder that they actually tasted like CRACKERS. BECAUSE THEY WERE. Really tasty crackers nonetheless…

Anyways, I was already planning on making sugar cookies as well so it wasn’t a big deal. So, I just cut em up with some random little giraffe, etcetera cutters,  and bam there they are. To quote my cousin, “they taste like the improved version of animal cookies.” Some of them I used royal icing and others I did fondant cut outs. I was really happy with how they turned out, they’re freakin cute. ><  Sugar Cookies & Icing