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This picture doesn’t give justice to the vanilla bean cupcakes at all, but I couldn’t resist putting them up. O: They were chock full of seedy awesomeness; I didn’t use an actual vanilla bean, I bought a vanilla bean paste. I don’t really know much of the difference between the two, particularly since the bean paste seemed, well, pretty authentic (IT HAD THE LITTLE SEEDS IN IT, IT MUST BE TRUE! WHY WOULD SOMEONE DO THAT?) I guess I’ll have to check that out. Hm. Anyways, I saw this recipe on Jumbo Empanadas, and I had an instinctually good gut feeling about it, so I had to try them. I WILL EAT COOK DREAM vanilla beans from now on. Sorry pumpkin, I’ve been unfaithful >:

I’m not going to post the recipe for these since all you have to do is go to the blog to find it (It’s well worth it anyways, my pictures blow) The icing however, I did not follow a recipe for, and is some sort of spur of the moment overwhipped whipping cream, butter, confectioner sugar, and at a last thought chunks of cream cheese, moderate amounts of vanilla bean paste (I’m hooked) – however, feel free to whip the cream properly, I’m sure it would add something to the table. It was surprisingly delicious and subtle, considering the circumstances.


Edit: So I made these again, because the first one’s sold out at the restaurant : )

This time I made a cream cheese vanilla bean frosting (aweesomee) and they look nicer.