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For those of you who don’t know me (which is undoubtedly 99.9% of the population), I go by Trei. I’m 19, and live in the middle of – not nowhere, just somewhere really boring. I work at my dad’s restaurant, Mozzi’s. my position is debatable, my dad calls it “part-owner”, certain co-workers probably see me as the role of heartless owner-related biatch that busts everyone’s balls, AKA “mark’s daughter”, while I think the term can be pretty much summed up as burnt out employee who runs the store while other people sit down or mill about pondering the means of their existence. Either way, the kitchen’s my territory.

Anyways, enough of the obligatory life snapshot and on to the food —

The extent to my baking, about a year ago:


Look at that cylindrical masterpiece. Notice the zen-like sprinkle arrangement! And see that shine? Tactfully done by my camera angling skills.